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For Prospective Clients and Families

Our work activity service is designed to provide paid work to adults with disabilities participating in areas of food service, production, environmental service and computer/clerical support.  Our goal is to create opportunities for them to achieve desired work skills and eventually refer them to our SE program for their desired employment outcomes in their community of their choice.

We provide a systematic plan of instruction using our Client Orientation Manual to regularly guide them of rules and regulations in employment setting.  SGVTC/CRTC also develops plan in regards to appropriate social and interpersonal skills necessary to retain future employment in the community.  We believe that development of person's competencies in interested employment area can impact the person's job success.  Although, it is not required that every client will receive all the services available, each person will receive only those services that will help him/her meet his/her employment goals. 

If you are interested in finding out more about SGVTC/CRTC be sure to check the FAQ's and the individual sections of WAP and SEP under SGVTC/CRTC services tab on the home page.


You must contact your Regional Center Service Coordinator - San Gabriel/Pomona RC (909) 622-7722 and East Los Angeles RC (626) 299-4700 or Department of Rehabilitation (626) 856-8742 to find out if you are eligible for services.

For More Information

Please contact SGVTC for brochures, tours and referral procedures at (626) 968-8479 or ask for the Intake Department, Ms. Chris Bellhouse  at Ext. 122  or email cbellhhouse You could also ask for Mr. Joseph Fortier, Director at Ext. 123 or email


For CRTC information, please call (626) 966-4438 and ask for the Intake Department.

Please check out the FAQ'S for clients' services

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