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Frequently Asked Questions for Business Services

I am interested in working with a facility with whom  I can do business and at the same time, help the community.  I understand SGVTC provides services for disabled clients. How do I find out more information?

On our website, on the home page, there is information that states: FOR BUSINESS-CLICK HERE. It will take you to a page describing in detail what we can do for you as a business. You can contact Mr. Jose Acosta, Director of Marketing, at  (951)-440-7894 or email For packaging services in the Covina area, contact Bruce Paller, Production Accounts Developer, at CRTC (626) 966-4438 or email  For hiring adults with disabilities, contact Deborah Hernandez, Sales Manager/Senior Job Developer at (626)968-8479 #146, or email

Can I get a list of employers you currently work with?

On the website, there is a list of employers under SGVTC services tab, click on SEP.

What kind of work services can you provide?

We can provide packaging and/or assembly services in a production/warehouse environment. We conduct time studies, do projections and meet other needs as required. We recommend a meeting to discuss the specific needs of your business.

What are the benefits of using SGVTC for business services?

We are competitive in the business market and have been established in the community since 1962. We will meet your production and business goals as you provide an amazing employment opportunity for disabled clients.


Mr. Jose Acosta, Director of Marketing, SGVTC
(951) 440-7894

Mr. Bruce Paller, Production Accounts Developer, CRTC
(626) 966-4438

Ms. Deborah Hernandez, Sales Manager/Senior Job Developer, SGVTC
(626) 968-8479


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