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San Gabriel Valley Training Center Wants You to Consider Two Business Possibilities

First, read our letter we send out to prospective employers.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce San Gabriel Valley Training Center (SGVTC), and ask that you, as a member of the local business community, help support our work with people with disabilities throughout the Inland and San Gabriel Empire and surrounding communities.

SGVTC, in operation since 1962, is a non-profit organization serving over 300 individuals with disabilities with personal growth skills, vocational training, and job placement services. SGVTC works with many Southern California businesses that provide an integrated environment where people with disabilities are able to enhance their skills and gain confidence with the knowledge that they are employed and contributing to the betterment of society.

We ask that you to consider the benefits of creating a partnership with SGVTC. In addition to the altruistic value, businesses will benefit from prescreened I-9 clean candidates, Workers' Compensation Insurance coverage, placement and training at no cost, and loyal and dedicated employees who take pride in every task that they do.

SGVTC assists people with disabilities to secure meaningful employment and achieve independence by specializing in three types of placement options:

  • In-house contract work allows adults with challenging disabilities to earn a paycheck through basic assembly and packaging jobs
  • Enclave placements assist individuals with mild to moderate disabilities to learn and perform a variety of tasks in an integrated group setting
  • Individual placements encourage people with mild disabilities to seek and maintain entry-level positions in the community.

In all placement options, each worker is assigned a SGVTC job coach who communicates with the employer to learn the required job tasks. SGVTC welcomes the opportunity to present its employment program to you at your earliest convenience. Your partnership with SGVTC would make an incredible difference in the lives of many people with special needs! Thank you very much for your time and consideration of our program.

Secondly, if you are considering outsourcing your work, let us do your assembly, packaging and production work.  Please read the benefits of using San Gabriel Valley Training Center.

We can do all of your production work in-house, the advantages are fantastic.
These are the benefits:

  • Highly motivated & dependable workers Competitive wages
  • Save on labor costs Possible tax deductions
  • We have plenty of room with our warehouses Knowing that you are giving back to the community Quick turnaround


Jose AcostaJose AcostaMr. Jose Acosta, Director of Marketing, SGVTC
(951) 440-7894






Bruce PallerBruce PallerMr. Bruce Paller, Production Accounts Developer, CRTC
(626) 966-4438


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