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­Packaging & Assembly Fulfillment Services

S.G.V.T.C. /C.R.T.C. offers professional packaging and assembly fullfillment services to companies in Southern California. With over 30 years experience,S.G.V.T.C./C.R.T.C. has helped companies like yours meet their packaging needs.­Among the many packaging/assembly services offered:

  • Shrinkwrap — Shrinkwrap your product to your specifications. Diffrent gauges of shrinkfilm are avalible. We can shrinkwrap large as well as small products in almost any configuration.

  • Bag and heat seal — We will bag and heat seal almost any item you have. Your order will be packed out to your specifications and palletized for pick up or delivery. Poly bags are also avalaible for your order.

  • Counting and sorting — Need rejects seperated from your good parts? We can do that as well as counting parts out for your order.

  • Assembly — Basic assembly options are avalible to you. We also assemble promotional kits and displays.

  • Collating — Need important paperwork collated? We can collate many different types of paperwork and forms.

  • Digital scales for weighing — If you have product that needs to be weighed, We have digital scales to ensure exact weight is maintained for your order.

  • Staple and/or gluing — We can place headers on product and tape,,staple or glue just about anything you need.

  • Palletize — We will palletize your order to your specifications and we will strechwrap your pallets to ensure safe transport.

  • Pick up and delivery — We can provide pick up and delivery services with our bob tail trucks. Local delivery within 15 miles is free.

Save time and money using our packaging/assembly services.

Thinking about hiring temps to package/assemble your order? Think again. Save time and money by doing your order at our facility With two locations in the east San Gabriel valley and over 200 workers with a combined workspace of over 30,000 feet. Turnaround is quick and accurate. Plus our pricing is very competitive.

San Gabriel Valley Training Center, 400 South Covina Blvd., La Puente, California, 626-968-8479
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