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Supportive Employment Program (SEP)

SGVTC Provides high quality Rehabilitation, training, placement and work support services to adults with special needs, to maximize their potential for successful transition into integrated community Employment.

Benefits to Employers

  • Highly motivated & dependable workers
  • Prescreened & I-9 ready candidates
  • No placement fees
  • No expensive recruitment costs
  • Free bids for outsourced work
  • Reduce high turnover
  • Possible tax deductions
  • Assistance during orientation/training by qualified Job Coach - at no extra cost!
  • Continuous follow up by Job Coach for majority of hired individuals
  • Employer taxes & Workers Compensation built into cost of group placements
  • Save between 20% - 45% of labor costs
  • Promote community awareness
  • Become a Partner with SGVTC
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Individual Placement

Full-time or part-time employees on your company payroll. Workers are regular employees, with Job Coaching support provided at no cost to you. Coaching support begins with the orientation and initial training and will gradually fade as the employee becomes proficient in the job. Support can be increased at any time to assist with retraining needs or issues as they arise. Many individuals will qualify for the WOTC tax credit.

Group Placements

Groups (sometimes known as enclaves) consist of a minimum of three individuals and a full time Enclave Supervisor. In most cases the Supervisor is provided at no charge to the employer. By contracting a group, SGVTC incurs the responsibility of employee taxes and Workers Compensation, and each worker's hourly wage is based on their productivity. These costs are built into the hourly group rate. We bill the employer on a monthly basis. Our agreement locks in an annual rate and reflects a non-temporary work schedule, preferably 30 hours or more per week. WOTC does not apply in this situation. It is possible to hire individuals and contract a group at the same time.

Quotes from our Partners

“At first, like many companies, LMI had its doubts as to whether an enclave program could meet our production needs. But now, LMI can definitely say that the program is 100% successful, and the SGVTC employees are a great asset to our production departments. Our SGVTC employees are productive and hardworking individuals, and without them our team would not be complete. We love our enclave workers and we would recommend this program to any employer who is looking for great people.”
Charlotte Troilo, Human Resource Manager, LMI

“SGVTC provides good job coaching and support for our employee. The coaching follow up has contributed to his growth as an employee and being productive in our society.”
Michael Esquivel, La Flor De Mexico

“What an unbelievable way to get great employees while partnering with the community”
Richard Colon, General Manager
Sodexho @ City of Hope

“Lincoln Products is a long time, satisfied customer of SGVTC. They have provided consistent and valuable associates that are always willing and happy to come to work. I expect that we have many years ahead of us in this mutually satisfactory partnership.”
Brad Blakeley, Operations Manager, Lincoln Products




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