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Spotlight on Success

Jeremy As a student at Covina High School during the 1993-94 school year, Jeremy gained work experience through the ROP program as a file clerk at Abbey Rents Medical Supply and at the Megan Clinic, also as a file clerk.  He came to CRTC and applied for a position as a full time CRTC worker.  Jeremy officially became part of the CRTC client workforce on September 25, 1995.

Jeremy's goal upon entry to CRTC was to obtain work in the community.  He was unable to achieve this goal due to on-going medical issues.  This did not stop Jeremy.  He redesigned his goal for success to meet his environment.  He ran for and was elected to the CRTC Consumer Council and has continued this service for fifteen years.  He was instrumental in creating client inclusion in the Quarterly Safety Inspections and is a permanent member of that team.  Over the years Jeremy has assisted in letter writing campaigns to our state lefislature to advocate for clieent rights and fairity in our industry.  He is listed as the CRTC Support Person for CRTC's "SPEAK OUT" Self Advocacy Groups listed as a participating partner in the "Self Advocacy Groups in California" directory.  He has been a co-initiator  of the CRTC Annual Food Drive benefiting residents of the San Gabriel Valley throught a cooperative effort with Covina Area Emergency Aid for the last three years.  He has also been active in obtaining charitable donations to the CRTC Christmas Party Fund through local business associations.

Jeremy is a well-spoken and easy-going young man.  He is well liked by staff and peers.  He has excellent attendance and produces high quality work.  He has received many CRTC Achievement Awards over the years and most recently was honored as the CRTC Worker of the Month for August, 2010.

Jeremy is a good example of making lemons into lemonade.  He has been a great asset to CRTC and will continue to be so. Along with his fellow council members, Jeremy will continue to advocate for himself and the clients of CRTC.  He is very deserving of this opportunity to represent CRTC as our "Spotlight on Success" choice.

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